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Conservatory Window Film


Is your Conservatory Too Hot?

If you find your conservatory too hot, suffer from blinding glare or want to stop harmful UV rays then we can help.

Conservatory Window FilmConservatory Window Films Felixstowe
Reflect Heat, Cut Glare & Block UV Rays

How to make your conservatory a usable room again.
Conservatory window film can benefit you and your home by reflecting away the suns heat, cut down excessive glare, block UV rays.

Conservatory Too Hot?
Heat Reflecting Window Film

You must have found that when you open the doors into your conservatory especially in the warmer months of the year, it gets very hot.

Is there a cost effective solution?

Yes there is, by having conservatory window film installed onto the inside of the glass, you will find the suns heat dramatically reduced because these window films reflect the suns heat away.

Sunscreen Window Films

Blinded by the Sun? Cut Glare

No doubt you find yourselves blinded when trying to relax in your conservatory. Again, like mentioned above these films are designed to reduce the glare, but still maintain full optical clarity. These films are designed to cut the glare, but still let in enough light so you’re sitting in darkness.

Furniture Fading?Block UV Rays

The main causes of furnishings fading is due to UV rays, be assured of the protection from UV rays with our window film because in the film micro UV inhibitors are imbedded into the film guaranteeing a reduction of over 99% of UV.

Conservatory Roof BlindsAre they effective?

Conservatory Window Films Felixstowe


Many people think that conservatory roof blinds are the only solution to guard them from the sun. But just how effective are they? Please follow the link to the Conservatory Roof Blinds Page for a simple but powerful comparison.

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