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Heat Reduction Window Film

Solar Control, Privacy & UV Anti Fade Window Film

Sunscreen Window films supply and install Solar Control Window Films. We offer a wide range of high performance window films, designed to reduce excessive heat, glare, UV, fading and increase security, privacy and comfort.

It is nice to enjoy the natural heat and light of the sun coming through your windows. However, this often presents the issue in every home of too much of the suns heat, glare and UV making you too hot and uncomfortable, whilst adding to the expense of replacing furniture due to fading. If this sounds familiar to you, then you need a cost effective solution.

Below are the issues you may have come across in your home, and how our solar window film can benefit you and save you money.

Conservatory Window Films Felixstowe

Heat: The suns heat that comes through a window is often magnified by the glass, this results in your home becoming far too hot and quite uncomfortable. By having Sunscreen Window Films install one of our professional ranges of Solar Control or Anti-Heat Window Film you will immediately notice the difference the moment it is applied to the glass, dramatically reducing the suns heat and making your home a more comfortable temperature.

Glare: Not only is glare very annoying, it is very uncomfortable. Also glare can make you ill due to eye strain causing you a headache, it is just not something we can put up with long term. Sunscreen Window Films have a large range of Glare Reduction or Anti-Glare Window Films to keep the suns glare down, but still let in natural light.

UV Rays: Are you concerned by the damage of UV? The suns very damaging UV rays is linked to causing serious skin conditions and is known for damaging furnishings, with an application of Sunscreen Window Films Anti-Fade or clear UV Window Film you will be protected from over 99% of UV rays.

Privacy: If you are looking for privacy, then you need one of Sunscreen Window Films selection of One-Way Privacy Window Film. Unlike the conventional products like nets and blinds, one-way privacy film will not block your view out and will also give your home a neat uniform appearance from the outside. Or one of our frosted window films can provide 24 hour privacy, but will still let the natural daylight through.

We also offer decorative window film and frosted pattern window films that are custom made to suit your requirements

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