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Domestic Solar Heat Reduction Film

Heat Reduction Window Film

Solar Control Window Film - Heat Reduction Film
Office or Home Too Hot?

Sunscreen Window Films supply and install a professional range of Solar Control Heat Reflective Window Films to Reflect the suns heat from entering into your home or office.

Heat Reduction Window Film

The excessive heat from the sun entering a room can make things very uncomfortable. The heat increase can lead to headaches and increase the chances of accidents due to heat fatigue.

By having one of our specialist heat reduction solar control window films installed we can dramatically reduce the excessive solar heat gain entering through the windows.

Sunscreen Window Films have a large range of solar control window films to choose from, our High Performance Reflective 20 window film is one of the best as it has 80% heat reduction, but some prefer the look of a more neutral in appearance window film which range from mid reflective and tinted to our high performing spectrally selective window films. These films are specifically engineered with all sorts of vaporized precious metals so that they still let in plenty of natural light but block nearly half of the solar heat.

Conservatory Window Films Felixstowe

 Solar Heat Reduction Window FilmsAbsorption and Reflection

Solar Control Window Films are primarily designed to reflect solar energy (heat) away, while absorbing other parts of the suns solar energy. This then dramatically reduces the amount of solar energy (radiation) transmitted inside the room through the windows in your house. Each Solar Control Window Film will vary on performance depending on the films specifications.

It is worth understanding that heat transfer always flows from hot to cold. So when there is no temperature difference, the heat will not transfer.

There are three types of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation, but for solar control window film, radiation is the important method of heat transfer because it moves in infrared waves.

The suns heat (energy) coming through a window is transmitted by infrared waves. Infrared waves have no temperature until it strikes a surface and is then converted to heat. If you were to stop this transfer, you block the heat. Window film keeps a large percentage from turning into heat because it interrupts the transfer of this energy by reflecting it away.

Transmission is the percentage of solar energy which is made up of Visible Light, UV and infrared that can passes through window. Solar Control Window Film will reflect and absorb this transfer, so when professionally installed onto your windows the heat transfer is changed dramatically, therefore the amount of solar heat entering through the glass is reduced.

There are another number of benefits to Solar Control Window Films such as Glare Reduction, Fade Reduction and Privacy One Way or Privacy Frost.

You will also find air conditioning units will run a lot more economically because of the reduction in temperature and a dramatic drop in hot spots around the office. We can help you see how much you can save by a free energy analysis survey and see how much you could save each year on your air conditioning bills.  See out Energy Saving Window Film page.

We are always happy to help and our expertise and product knowledge will help you choose the best film to suit your requirements.

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