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Frosted Window Film Manifestations

Frosted Window Films

Frosted Manifestations, Frost Window Film and Graphics
Need Privacy?
Want Frosted Graphics on your Glazing?
Need to conform to modern BS glass & glazing regulations?

Sunscreen Window Films supply and install Frosted Manifestation Window Film, Graphics for Privacy, Identification, Glazing Building Regulations and Decoration.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Films are becoming popular in homes and offices today as they provide a maintenance free solution for providing Two-Way Privacy. They let through the natural or artificial light and are popular for their ability to provide a neat, clean and unified appearance. They suit and truly compliment any rooms decorative design perfectly.

The practical benefits of having Frosted Window Film is that the glass will look just like it's acid etched.  Frost Film is substantially lower in cost, is fully removable should may that be required without damaging the glass and we can design and cut out decorative patterns to suit your needs.

They are also far more cost effective then blinds or nets which constantly need adjusting and get dirty and look unsightly, they have to be removed and cleaned which could break them.  Frosted Window Film has no maintenance, just simply wipe down with a soft damp cloth to clean.


Frosted Graphics & Decorative PatternsFrosted Window Films

If you want to add  Bespoke Frosted Graphics to your glass, whether it be your front door and porch, internal glazing, bathroom or anywhere else, we design our graphics in house, so turn around is usually very quick.  It can also keep the cost down for you, and as you will be dealing directly with us you will get the design you want.

We can either cut your logo or design out of the solid frosted film, so that they are in affect the clear part of the glass, or have the patterns and design cut out of frosted film and have them installed onto the glass.  This looks as if it has been etched into the glass.

We can also cut coloured vinyl film and come up with cost effective patterns and designs to suit all tastes for a truly bespoke finish.

Frosted Graphics are maintenance free and can come in almost any design you want and so you can really enhance your glazing in a way that you want.  If you have a particular theme and you want the glass to match don’t spend hours looking round shops, let us know your thoughts and we’ll do the design and installation for you, so you can move on with other decorations.
Many opt for putting a frosted graphic design on shower screens and doors for a unique custom look.


Frosted Window Films

Glass Manifestations

Glazing manifestations are the most cost effective way to ensure glass entrance doors and glazed screens are marked appropriately for the legal requirement in building regulations.

Manifestation can take form of a logo design or simply just dots or squares, manifestation dots are installed at two levels on the glass 850 to 1000mm and 1400 to 1600mm above the floor.  As per the diagram.

Frosted Window Films

So please take this opportunity to call us and see how we can help you.

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